Pet Mod Paleomons - Slate 7 Submissions

Eobasileus: Beebos, memebitatxt., chemicalmines, Ayecrusher King
Moschops: Totally_Odette, Beaf Cultist, analysis geek
Silvatherium: FourEyesIsAFish, chemicalmines, Beaf Cultist

Pesbasil by memebitatxt. !
Pesbasil (Basileus [King in greek] + Pesménos [Fallen in greek])
Prompt: Eobasileus

Ability: Heavy Metal/Own Tempo/Justified (H)
Stats: 95/125/90/62/86/86
Weight: 600kg

Movepool: Ancient Power, Astonish, Behemoth Bash, Body Press, Body Slam, Bulldoze, Confuse Ray, Curse, Destiny Bond, Double Edge, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Grudge, Head Smash, Heavy Slam, Hex, High Horsepower, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Lick, Megahorn, Metal Sound, Night Shade, Ominous Wind, Phantom Force, Power Gem, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Shadow Ball, Shadow Bone, Smart Strike, Spite, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Superpower, Take Down

Description: Average physical Steel/Ghost, acts mostly as a wallbreaker, having a pretty neato physical side and a good typing, granting it 3 nice immunities. Public enemy of Rampardos, Bastiodon, Omastar and all Gourgs; not too fond of Crobat, Lapras, Dirge and to some extent Heliolisk and Armaldo. Likes it's STABs, such as Behemoth Bash, Shadow Bone, Heavy Slam and it's coverage options, like Eq, Body Press, Stone Edge, Megahorn. Justified is a good option against Dark types, punishing Koff and other Dark moves.

Flavor: An almost zombie Eobasileus, with some exposing bones made out of copper and some jewels on it's skull (like jewels on a crown).
Moscourge by Totally_Odette !
Name: Moscourge
Prompt: Moschops
Typing: Poison / Ghost
Abilities: Corrosion / Poison Touch (Merciless)
Stats: 66 / 96 / 76 / 116 / 86 / 106 (556)

Movepool: Acid, Acid Armor, Acid Spray, Astonish, Belch, Bitter Malice, Calm Mind, Clear Smog, Confuse Ray, Corrosive Gas, Cross Poison, Curse, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Gastro Acid, Gunk Shot, Hex, Nasty Plot, Night Shade, Scorching Sands, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Spite, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, U-Turn, Venoshock

Role: no more magic guard soyegg. world's first merciless user
Flavor: moschops plague skeleton. all these dinosaurs and no bones
Shivertherium by chemicalmines !
Name: Shivertherium (shiver + sivatherium)
Prompt: Sivatherium

Abilities: Stamina / Thick Fat
Stats: 105 / 115 / 105 / 65 / 60 / 70
Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Ice Spinner, Mountain Gale, Avalanche, Iron Head, Heavy Slam, Wild Charge, Superpower, Body Press, Horn Leech, High Horsepower, Earthquake
Ice Beam, Blizzard, Freeze-Dry, Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Earth Power
Iron Defense, Curse, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Yawn, Aurora Veil

Role: hazard setter (stealth rock, spikes), setup tank (iron defense, curse)
Flavor: cold metal deer
Feel free to discuss winners! Next slate will come soon!
SLATE 7 - Infinite Fusion (Arcto-, Draco-, -Vish, -Zolt)
:swsh/arctovish: :swsh/dracovish: :swsh/arctozolt: :swsh/dracozolt:

It's time for the final Fossil Reworks! For this slate, we'll be covering the Galarian fossil Pokémon. However, the rules are slightly different for this slate. Instead of reworking the fossils in their current state, your goal will be to create the original dinosaurs that were later mashed together. This means you will need to create custom movepools (though you are allowed to base them off of the existing fossils), and stats + abilities can be changed however you please. As they are signature moves for the Vish and Zolt ancestors, Fishious Rend and Bolt Beak can be changed. Additionally, if you want to create preevolutions for your fossils, you may! The rules for submission are as follows:
  • You can sub 1 to 4 of the Pokémon chosen in this slate.
  • Now that we have some mons in the meta, make sure to compare your submission to what already exists to help gauge its power and ensure you're not outclassing anything.
  • Custom Elements are allowed, as long as they have something different from already existing abilities/moves and are relatively simple to code (no custom field effects - we're learning from last gen lol. Also, if you think it's codable but our coder disagrees, then you'd better be prepared to code it yourself if it wins.)
  • Any Pokemon not currently in Generation 9 will instead use its Generation 8 movepool minus dexited moves (aka moves that are unusable in SV).

New Moves:
Removed Moves:


Submissions will be open for about a week. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or ask in the mod's Discord. Happy subbing!
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Name: Raptorzolt (WIP)
Fossil: bird fossil (?)
Typing: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Volt Absorb/Hustle/Static (HA)
Stats: 90/65/105/89/60/116(525)

New Moves: Hurricane, Bolt Beak, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Surf, Drill Peck, U-Turn, Volt Switch, Snarl, Zap Cannon, Hone Claws, Roost
Removed Moves: wtf you removing moves from get a better template

Role: Fast Pivot w aeroblast. Also punishes switching with stakeout.
Flavor: velocity raptor (I call dibs on raptorzolt). This Pokemon had the ability to run on liquids to gang up on prey with other raptorzolts

Name: Dunkovish
Fossil: Fish Fossil
Typing: Water/Psychic
Abilities: Reckless/Depth Strider
Vaporemons justified

Stats: 108/108/65/70/108/66
New Moves: Fisheous Rend, Trick Room, Mindless Rage, Crunch, Wave Crash, Recover, Hypnosis
psychic type wave crash

Removed Moves:

Role: TR fish tend jumpscare
Flavor: Lived deep in the oceans to suddenly strike their prey with assistance of harsh psychic waves to stun them
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gonna throw in a slate review now and edit in my subs later
Pesbasil: Very directionless mon. Wants to leverage its amazing defensive typing, but with no utility, mediocre bulk, and no recovery, it's never escaping the shitmon allegations on that front. The offensive side isn't much better, what with Shadow Bone as its Ghost STAB and no setup to speak of, though random Behemoth Bash is very funny (reminds me of silly billy Doom Desire Robusteel from last gen). Likely gonna languish in obscurity until we buff its movepool.

Moscourge: Easily the best mon this slate. Stellar speed tier slots in just below all the hyperfast guys, giving offensive counterplay to an otherwise crazy mon. Corrosion on this guy is wild to cripple walls that want to come in on its Poison STAB, while Merciless is also an option with team support (Goldoco+Moscourge TSpikes real???). Should be fun to experiment with.

Shivertherium: 70 Speed kinda shafted this guy unfortunately. It hopes to be a tank larping as a defensive mon with Stamina, but Ice/Steel is mega dogshit defensively and offensively, so without good offenses this mon struggles to keep up. It at least gets good coverage and hazards, but I'm not sold on it.

kinda bad slate tbh. we've gotta get more meta gameplay in so folks understand stuff a bit better

Name: Bladozolt
Fossil: Fossilized Bird

Abilities: Hyper Cutter / Quick Feet | Sharpness
Stats: 75 / 110 / 84 / 95 / 70 / 91 [525 BST]

Viable Moves: Bolt Beak, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Slash, U-Turn
Agility, Ancient Power, Body Slam, Bolt Beak, Bulldoze, Charge, Detect, Discharge, Electro Ball, Endure, Facade, Giga Impact, Hone Claws, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Meteor Beam, Night Slash, Pluck, Protect, Psycho Cut, Rain Dance, Rest, Rising Voltage, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Round, Shadow Claw, Slam, Slash, Sleep Talk, Snore, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Substitute, Switcheroo, Taunt, Thunder, Thunder Fang, Thunder Punch, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, U-Turn, Wild Charge

Role: WIP
Flavor: WIP
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Name: Pachizolt (pachi-pachi, japanese onomatopoeia for static crackling + zolt)
Fossil: Fossilized Bird

Abilities: Volt Absorb | Static | Hustle
Stats: 90 / 100 / 90 / 70 / 70 / 85
Weight: 95 kg

New Moves: Double-Edge, Quick Attack, Crunch, Nuzzle, Volt Switch
Removed Moves: aaaaa no
(added to -zolt movepool)

Role: bolt beak wallbreaker
Flavor: small velociraptor

Name: Swishivish (swish, as in swishing water or moving quickly while airborne + vish)
Fossil: Fossilized Fish

Abilities: Water Absorb | Water Veil | Aerilate
Stats: 90 / 90 / 100 / 55 / 65 / 100
Weight: 155 kg

New Moves: Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Defog, Hurricane, Flip Turn, Double-Edge
Removed Moves: :\
(added to -vish movepool)

Role: fishious rend wallbreaker
Flavor: big flying fish!
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Name: Velozoltore (Velociraptor + -zolt + tore)
Fossil: Fossilised Bird
Typing: Electric/Fighting
Abilities: Long Reach / Gale Wings | Volt Absorb
Stats: 90 / 100 / 90 / 75 / 65 / 95 (515)
Revised Movepool: Thunder Fang, Thunder Punch, Bolt Beak, Wild Charge, Thunder Shock, Rising Voltage, Volt Switch, Thunderclap, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Zap Cannon, Charge, Electric Terrain, Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Mach Punch, Low Sweep, Brick Break, Drain Punch, Upper Hand, Jump Kick, Axe Kick, Close Combat, High Jump Kick, Low Kick, Reversal, Seismic Toss, Vacuum Wave, Focus Blast, Bulk Up, Coaching, Detect, Quick Guard, Dual Wingbeat, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, Pluck, Bounce, Brave Bird, Sky Attack, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Hurricane, Defog, Feather Dance, Roost, Tailwind, Beat Up, Assurance, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Throat Chop, Foul Play, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Hone Claws, Taunt, Torment, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Smack Down, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Ancient Power, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Metal Claw, Steel Wing, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Flash Cannon, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Fire Punch, Temper Flare, Blaze Kick, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Poison Jab, Dire Claw, Venoshock, Fell Stinger, U-Turn, Leech Life, Fake Out, Facade, Extreme Speed, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Giga Impact, Endeavor, Hyper Voice, Hyper Beam, Baton Pass, Disable, Encore, Focus Energy, Lock-On, Laser Focus,
Role: Wallbreaker,
Flavor: -Zolt is clearly some form of raptor, so which I took the feathered bird-like approach.
* Gale Wings: The Pokemon's Flying-Type moves have +1 priority if its HP is full or if Tailwind is active on its side of the field.

Name: Dracentrus (Draco - Kentrosaurus)
Fossil: Fossilised Drake
Typing: Dragon/Rock
Abilities: Iron Barbs / Sap Sipper | Hustle
Stats: 90 / 95 / 115 / 55 / 85 / 75 (515)
Revised Movepool: Scale Shot, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Tail, Draconic Rend, Dragon Claw, Thago Mace*, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Cheer, Dragon Dance, Rock Blast, Smack Down, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Sandstorm, Stealth Rock, Wide Guard, Bone Rush, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Headlong Rush, Fissure, Mud-Slap, Mud Shot, Earth Power, Spikes, Payback, Brutal Swing, Knock Off, Night Slash, Throat Chop, Foul Play, Comeuppance, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Taunt, Metal Claw, Smart Strike, Iron Tail, Heavy Slam, Metal Burst, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Double Kick, Rock Smash, Revenge, Brick Break, Body Press, Superpower, Reversal, Counter, Focus Blast, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Defog, Lick, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Shadow Bone, Poltergeist, Hex, Shadow Ball, Curse, Destiny Bond, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Leaf Blade, Solar Blade, Energy Ball, Solar Beam, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Spiky Shield, Psycho Cut, Rest, Stomp, Facade, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Giga Impact, Hyper Voice, Hyper Beam, Endure, Protect, Slack Off, Sleep Talk, Substitute
Role: Physical Wall
Flavor: It's a Kentosaur that lives in symbiosis with the plantlife, providing shelter to seeds and the like so that it too has a constant food source.
*Thago Mace: Dragon | Physical | 85BP | 10PP | Contact | Base Power doubles and sets up a layer of Spikes if the user was hit by a damaging move.
:Dracovish: :Relicanth:
Name: Sunkleovish (Dunkleosteus + Sunk + -vish)
Fossil: Fossilised Fish
Typing: Water/Steel
Abilities: Rock Head / Filter | Dragon's Maw
Stats: 85 / 90 / 100 / 80 / 65 / 95
Revised Movepool: Triple Dive, Aqua Jet, Flip Turn, Aqua Cutter, Fishious Rend, Liquidation, Aqua Tail, Wave Crash, Whirlpool, Brine, Scald, Surf, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Smart Strike, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Metal Burst, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Autotomize, Rock Slide, Rock Slide, Head Smash, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Tail, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Payback, Assurance, Bite, Brutal Swing, Night Slash, Crunch, Jaw Lock, Throat Chop, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Taunt, Psycho Cut, Psyshield Bash, Zen Headbutt, Psychic Fangs, Mirror Coat, Poison Fang, Cross Poison, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Ice Fang, Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge, Brick Break, Body Press, Close Combat, Counter, Aerial Ace, Bounce, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Leech Life, Facade, Extreme Speed, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Thrash, Giga Impact, Super Fang, Hyper Beam,
Role: Physical Rock Head wallbreaker!
Flavor: Dunkleovish, but with a heavy head.

Name: Arctopilosa
Fossil: Fossilised Dino
Typing: Ice/Poison
Abilities: Long Reach / Liquid Voice | Ice Body
Stats: 90 / 80 / 85 / 120 / 85 / 55
Revised Movepool: Icicle Spear, Ice Shard, Avalanche, Ice Fang, Ice Spinner, Icicle Crash, Thermal Pike*, Ice Hammer, Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Frost Breath, Freeze-Dry, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Aurora Veil, Haze, Mist, Snowscape, Mortal Spin, Poison Tail, Poison Fang, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Acid Spray, Clear Smog, Venoshock, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Flip Turn, Liquidation, Aqua Tail, Wave Crash, Whirlpool, Chilling Water, Brine, Surf, Hydro Pump, Outrage, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Payback, Brutal Swing, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Throat Chop, Foul Play, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Parting Shot, Taunt, Torment, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Fissure, Earth Power, Brick Break, Body Press, Superpower, Focus Blast, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Heavy Slam, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, Facade, Slam, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Giga Impact, Round, Echoed Voice, Uproar, Hyper Voice, Boomburst, Hyper Beam, Heal Bell, Noble Roar, Perish Song, Protect, Slack Off, Sleep Talk, Wish, Psychic Noise, Rest
Role: Special wallbreaker
Flavor: An ancestor to Lapras that thrived in murky waters.
* Thermal Pike: Ice | Physical | 85BP | 10PP | Contact | Base Power doubles if the user moves last. If Snow is active, gains +1 priority.
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Name: Stenozolt (Stenonychosaurus + Ozone + Volt)
Fossil: Fossilized Bird
Typing: Electric/Psychic
Abilities: Volt Absorb, Static, Wind Rider (Hidden)
Stats: 60 HP/100 Atk/75 Def/100 SpA/75 SpD/95 Spe = 505

New Moves: (Altered from Arctozolt's movepool) Confusion, Agility, Psycho Cut, Eerie Spell, Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Psybeam, Pounce, Charge Beam, Aerial Ace, Stored Power, Night Shade, Volt Switch, Smart Strike, Psyshock, Psychic Fangs, Air Slash, Reflect, Light Screen, Dazzling Gleam, Taunt, Swords Dance, Imprison, Skill Swap, Trick, Tail Wind, Amnesia, Calm Mind, Electric Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Hurricane, Brave Bird, Gravity, Dual Wingbeat
Removed Moves: Powder Snow, Echoed Voice, Avalanche, Freeze-Dry, Icicle Crash, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Hail, Icicle Spear, Ice Fang, Ice Beam

Move Changes:
  • Bolt Beak: Damage dealt will now be boosted by an additional 50% instead of 100% if the user moves first. To compensate, BP is increased to 90.
An agile but fragile mixed attacker, Stenozolt's main asset is its versatility. On the physical side, it has the potential to become a serious Bolt Beak spammer whose decent Speed can be easily boosted by Agility to enable it to outspeed opponents and strike with devastating force. With Psycho Cut as its other STAB option offering an increased crit chance, the right support and boosts to its Speed will thus enable it to deal heavy physical damage before most opponents can get the chance to stop it. Alternatively, its equally matched Special Attack also enables it to make use of Thunder, Psychic, and coverage such as Dazzling Gleam for Dark and Hurricane for Bug. Support moves include the ever-useful Taunt as well as Trick, Tail Wind, Reflect, Light Screen, and two of the four Terrain moves just for the heck of it, though its low defenses can be an issue if you aren't taking advantage of its attack power to cut down any opposition that might put a stop to whichever strategy it has planned. Its main weaknesses are to entry hazards, statuses that hobble its speed or prevent it from moving such as sleep or freezing, and Ghost- and especially Ground-type opponents - its only way to deal with the former type is Payback, which isn't ideal given that it'd typically want to move before it's opponent does rather than the other way around, and it has absolutely no real answers to Ground at all, which is especially glaring given that Ground-types have nothing to fear from even its quickest, strongest Bolt Beak.

To imagine this design, take the front half of Dracozolt, change the cheek spots and the inside of its mouth to a reddish pink color, give it legs like those of Staraptor except with longer feet and the same pink color as the cheeks, add a long, lizard-like tail akin to Archeops with a glowing light yellow lightning bolt shape like on Raichu's tail on the end, and have the innermost front toes sport larger claws than the rest, but not significantly so (they don't even retract like raptor claws do). There's a couple more tweaks this design has, though - it stands more upright, for starters, with a slightly anthropomorphic look to it, and the feathers of the waist and legs are a dark magenta in a manner invoking a pair of pants, while the tail except for the bolt at the end is the same pink as the feet, with a yellow ruf at its base. The eyes are open by default, resembling Dracozolt's eyes just after it wakes up in Pokémon Camp - and surrounding those are a pair of prominent dark magenta rings which are joined together by a "bridge" across the snout with a single stripe sticking out behind each. Essentially, the -zolt half had its eyes closed because it was missing its nerd glasses sclerotic rings!

A close relative of Archeops, the electric charge in its feathers allows it to propel itself along when running or gliding with astonishing speed. It uses this same charge to light up its tail plume for communicating across vast distances.
One of the most intelligent Pokémon of its time, its brainpower is almost as advanced as that of humans. There are rumors that some have survived into the human era, impersonating people in a bid to take over modern society.

Name: Aves + Ozone + Zolt
Typing: Electric/Psychic
Abilities: Volt Absorb, Static, Wind Rider (Hidden)
Stats: 40 HP/80 Atk/55 Def/80 SpA/55 SpD/95 Spe = 405

Moves: Same moveset as Stenozolt, minus Eerie Spell, Bolt Beak, and Zen Headbutt

Essentially, this design is Stenozolt but younger... and even nerdier! Its torso and arms (except its hands) obscured by a pompom-like ball of light yellow frizzy down feathers styled like a cartoonishly electrocuted person's hair standing on end, though its head, hands, and especially its long legs and tail still stick out; when it extends its arms to glide, the feathering from shoulder to wrist resembles Archen's wings, except spikier. Instead of the halo of single feathers on its evolved form, the head of this little geek has a second smaller fuzzball obscuring everything except its snout and its enormous eyes, which are surrounded by pink rings like cartoon nerd glasses; the long, skinny neck is also naked and pink. It even has a single tooth at the end of its upper jaw, based on the egg tooth of a baby bird but also the buck teeth of a stereotypical nerd. Finally, the ends of its long, thin, pink-scaled feet except its toes (which don't have sickle claws) and the tip of its pink, scaly tail also sport smaller fuzzballs of their own.

A cheerful Electric-type closely related to modern bird Pokémon, its fluffy plumage gathers static electricity from the air. The more power it has built up, the perkier and smarter it'll become.
Its fluffy feathers protect it from impacts when it falls from great heights. As it prepares to evolve, it learns to use its electric emissions to slow its falling speed and land more safely.

I know everyone uses raptors as the basis for the Fossilized Bird, and I can understand why, but I decided to try basing my own take off a closely related group of feathered dinosaurs, the troodontids. These things are stereotyped as the smartest dinosaurs of all, so I based Stenozolt on Stenonychosaurus, which used to be classed as the eponymous "Troodon", and a somewhat less anthropomorphic take on the dinosauroid, the famous thought experiment where this group of dinosaurs hypothetically develop human-like intelligence. The nerd theme and Psychic typing further emphasize this idea. The pre-evo is very Dr. Seuss-inspired, but is also based a bit on Sinosauropteryx, one of the first dinosaurs found to have had feathers, and which paved the way for many more discoveries that provided a better understanding of how birds evolved from the dinosaurs they once were (and still are!).

I don't know yet if the Galar fossils will be voted for separately, but I did make my own subs a cohesive set, so they are all thematically tied as well. The overall theme of these eight fakemon is based on the ancient theory of the four humors, which were associated with different elements and personality types. I was directly inspired by how Andrewsarchus89 used the same theme for their own takes on the restored Galar fossils, so I figured it was worth crediting them for that, though I did work to make enough things different from their own take to avoid direct plagiarism. This is why Stenozolt, which is admittedly similar to Andrew's idea in that it's themed after the sanguine personality which is associated with blood and the element of air, is based on a troodont instead of a dromaeosaur like Dromeozolt was, for example, and why it's Electric/Psychic instead of Electric/Flying.

Name: Diluvish (Diluvian + Fish)
Fossil: Fossilized Fish
Typing: Water/Ground
Abilities: Water Absorb, Strong Jaw, Battle Armor (Hidden)
Stats: 95 HP/90 Atk/100 Def/60 SpA/100 SpD/55 Spe = 505

New Moves: (Altered from Dracovish's movepool) Mud Slap, Mud Shot, Jaw Lock, Dig, Earthquake, Wave Crash
Removed Moves: Brutal Swing, Dragon Breath, Stomp, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Stomping Tantrum

Move Changes:
  • Fishious Rend: Damage dealt will now be boosted by an additional 50% instead of 100% if the user moves first. To compensate, BP is increased to 90.
A heavily built physical offensive tank with exactly one type weakness, Diluvish basically rides or dies by Strong Jaw and Fishious Rend in particular, the same strategy that got Dracovish in trouble with the Smogon playerbase in the first place. It's now held back from really abusing Fishious Rend by having even lower speed than Dracovish does, but can still hit as ridiculously hard with it if it can get the damage boost. The other biting moves it can learn include Ice Fang which is arguably its only answer to Grass-types, but Ice is a solid offensive type anyway and can also punish unsuspecting Flying-types, so it may be worth taking that for a spin alongside Crunch or Psychic Fangs for extra coverage power. Too bad Earthquake isn't boosted by Strong Jaw, but it's still this thing's best Ground STAB option and also useful for taking down multiple targets at once. With such poor Speed, it's more than likely to move second and/or get victimized by status, and its only recovery moves being Rest and Leech Life can make keeping it alive a bit of a chore, but its hefty dual defenses and solid defensive type combo could give it just enough time to turn things around even with Rest forcing it to waste a few turns.
P.S. Whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat NOT, let this damn thing get anywhere near the Trick Room effect. You will NOT survive.

An immense benthic placoderm with a surprisingly gentle character for the apex predator of its time, Diluvish uses Dracovish's -vish half almost unchanged, except for the mouth and upper head patch (which is red on Dracovish) being colored a dark, muddy reddish brown. The body by contrast is similar to that of Relicanth, albeit somewhat shorter and more compact than you'd expect, along with making all the fins like those of the -vish half instead of those of Relicanth, including a large, round, almost tadpole-like fin on its short but strong tail. The upper half of the torso is red-brown with a wavy blue division between that and the underbelly, which is the same pale blue as the patch on the -vish half's head between the eyes; it's almost like the upper half is covered in mud. The thick, hump-like dorsal fin on its back, just behind the headplate, resembles the conning tower of a submarine, and there is a short, pale blue spike at the front of said fin's topside, invoking both a horn shark's fin spine and the submarine's periscope.

Thought to be the ancestor of all jawed land-dwelling Pokémon, it's thought to have formed its razor-edged maw from a set of gills. Though it can't swim quickly, it can open its mouth fast enough to draw prey inside.
The armor on its head is reinforced with minerals its gills absorb as it digs up food from the seafloor, so most attacks simply bounce right off of it. Though carnivorous, it is thus surprisingly mellow when it isn't hungry.

Name: Primivish (Primitive + Fish)
Typing: Water/Ground
Abilities: Water Absorb, Filter, Battle Armor (Hidden)
Stats: 70 HP/80 Atk/80 Def/50 SpA/80 SpD/45 Spe = 405

Moves: Same moveset as Diluvish, minus Bite, Crunch, Fishious Rend, Jaw Lock, Super Fang, and Ice Fang

A small, almost pill-shaped light blue fish with an armored brown plate shaped like a shovel-head over the top of its head and upper body, segmented armor over the rest of the body, two tiny pectoral fins, and a single round tail fin. It has the same eyes as its evolved form as part of its cute face which is right on the front of the body, but its mouth is jawless and constantly open, its shape resembling an open, friendly smile. Brown blotches on its torso armor resemble splatters of mud, to go with its behavior of digging into the seabed to look for food or hide from danger.

The skin on its face is virtually indestructible, but it can only swim very slowly along the seabed due to its head being so heavy. It digs into the mud to deter faster predators, leaving only its armor exposed.
It hunts by sucking small prey into its mouth, whose modified gills can pump water through its gullet with surprising force. Its scales are too hard for most attackers to break through, so it can afford to be docile.

The -vish half of the Galarian fossils is obviously based on Dunkleosteus, so it was only fair to go all-in with that for the full body, though I also mixed in some submersible traits as well; the flavor stating that it evolved its jaws from its gills references not only the flavor for Fishious Rend and it being called "Gill Bite" in Japanese, but also real-life vertebrate jaws developing in the same way. The Ground-type and its ability to learn Earthquake also reference the namazu of Japanese legend, which was also the basis for Whishcash, as well as how some bottom-dwelling primitive armored fish likely burrowed into the seabed (even though Dunkleosteus was an open-water fish, I based this guy's seabed-grubbing suction feeding method off that of walruses). The pre-evo being based on that memetic :D fish, Sacabambaspis, also ties into the theme of the history of palaeontology and the natural world, as this line going from a jawless fish to a jawed one is based on the evolution of the jaw in real life, as well as some fossil discoveries hinting at the idea that the placoderm family, which includes good ol' Dunky, might've also given rise to the ancestors of all jawed land-dwelling vertebrates, including us!

Like Andrewsarchus89's own take on the Galar fossils, this line's theme is of the phlegmatic personality, associated with phlegm (mucus) and the element of water. Andrew's Placovish was Water/Steel and that was in fact my original planned type combo for this sub as well, but in the end I decided to go with Water/Ground instead both to distinguish my own attempt from the previous one and to provide an even better defensive typing.

Name: Dracontha (Draconic + Acantha (from Greek for "thorn"), as in the ankylosaur genus Acanthopolis, "thorn scale")
Fossil: Fossilized Drake
Typing: Dragon/Grass
Abilities: Thagomizer*, Hustle, Sand Rush (Hidden)
Iron Fist clone that boosts the power of tail-based attacks. Canon moves boosted by this ability are Slam, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail, Poison Tail, Tail Slap, Power Whip, and Breaking Swipe.
Stats: 90 HP/110 Atk/110 Def/50 SpA/50 SpD/95 Spe = 505

New Moves: (Altered from Dracozolt's movepool) Dragon Claw, Razor Leaf, Power Whip, Dragon Dance, Wood Hammer, Spike Strike*, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Ingrain, Iron Head, Lash Out, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Low Kick, Low Sweep, Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Petal Blizzard, Petal Dance, Play Rough, Poison Tail, Rain Dance, Roar, Sandstorm, Scale Shot, Smart Strike, Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Stored Power, Sunny Day, Surf, Swords Dance, Synthesis, Tackle, Take Down, Trailblaze, Twister, Venoshock, Vine Whip, Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt
Name: Spike Strike


Base Points: 90
Power Points: 16
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Base power boosted by 50% if the user goes first; boosted by Thagomizer (Bolt Beak/Fishious Rend rework clone)
Removed Moves: Aerial Ace, Thunder Shock, Pluck, Charge, Discharge, Bolt Beak

Dracontha is a physical tank designed to abuse the ever-loving shit out of Dragon Dance, aided by a seriously hard-hitting signature attack, powerful STAB in general, and a deceptively eclectic coverage movepool, all of which arguably make up for its terrible special Defense and a typing with a lot of weaknesses which can be easily taken advantage of. Gourgeist (Ancient) for example can swiftly bring it down with a single Moonblast - unless Dracontha manages to strike first with either Poison Tail or any one of the Fire attacks it can learn. Fire in particular also helps it deal with Ice-types that would be especially lethal to it, so Flame Charge or Flare Blitz are good coverage choices overall. Given that Dragon doesn't hit that many types super-effectively, non-Thagomizer sets that don't want to get themselves locked into Outrage's unfortunate side-effects can substitute it for another type that can take care of one of its other type weaknesses (Electric for Flying, Psychic for Poison, and Poison itself for Fairy), though keeping at least one STAB in the form of Wood Hammer (or Power Whip if you hate recoil) would still be recommended; even then, there may still be room for a setup move like Agility or Swords Dance, depending on what EV setup it's packing and which boosts will be most advantageous. Its signature ability, Thagomizer, also offers a boost to both Power Whip and Spike Strike, the latter of which also synergizes with the speed and attack boosts provided by Dragon Dance to absolutely devastating effect.

The back half of this plant-eating giant is identical to that of Dracozolt (the Fossilized Drake half), except with one important distinction: the tail has a whip-like extension at the end of it, light green in color and studded with long, sharp, pink thorns as its main weapon. Meanwhile, the front half, the bones of which were once discredited as pieces of petrified wood, is similar to that of Tyranitar, its closest relative, but its light green neck is twice as long and a bit thinner and more tapering with a downward curve to it like the stem of a wilted flower, and its short but powerful, three-clawed forelimbs, built like Nidoking's, are oriented a little more forwards - unlike Dracozolt, it holds its spine with an upward slant so its tail almost drags along the ground, and while it can amble on all fours to feed on low-growing foliage, it's normally bipedal and walks tripodally, though in a pinch it can raise its tail and lean forward to run at over 40 mph. Its relatively small, narrow, tapering head, which almost dangles on the end of its neck, lacks the horns or tusks of its cousin and instead has a red beak on the end of the snout, and its yellow eyes look tired and almost sad instead of angry with dark markings like "bags" under them (think something like Pawniard's eyes). There is also a set of red frills like rose petals surrounding its face, which droop around it as if wilted. The color scheme of the front half is the same dark green as the back half, with a lighter green underbelly, neck, and head (the markings around the eyes are dark green), and the red stripy back markings continuing along the back and the top of the neck. The double row of plates on its back is the same color as those on the back half, but are shaped more like leaves or pointed flower petals, with a huge pink spike on each shoulder like the Triassic armored herbivore, Desmatosuchus; these shoulder spikes curve upward like a massive pair of horns, and are used similarly. A row of several smaller spikes also runs down the back of the neck, invoking the thorns of a rose stem.

A solitary plant-eater whose dour appearance belies impressive speed and power. The plates on its back absorb sunlight for energy, but it gets even more somber on cloudy days.
This herbivore's brain is so tiny that at one time, it was thought to have been too stupid to survive. It doesn't need smarts to defeat its predators, however - it already has vicious thorns all over its body.

Name: Dracoburr
Typing: Dragon/Grass
Abilities: Thagomizer, Hustle, Sand Rush (Hidden)
Stats: 70 HP/90 Atk/90 Def/40 SpA/40 SpD/75 Spe = 405

Moves: Same moveset as Dracontha, minus Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, and Spike Strike

A small green quadrupedal reptile with a lighter green underbelly, this round little critter invokes a thorny seed pod with pink spikes on its thick-skinned, arched, and almost hump-like back, reminiscent of Ferroseed in shape and arrangement. It has a sad look on its light green head which resembles a closed flower bud, its beaked jaws forming the lobes of it; there is also a leafy ruff around the neck just behind the head. There are three pink claws on each of its flat feet, more like a crocodile than a dinosaur. Most notable is its light green tail; long, thick-based, and whip-like, it's absolutely bristling with countless pink thorns and is its primary offensive weapon, waving and lashing over its back like a mix of a bullwhip, a rose stem, and a scorpion's tail when fending off the many predators that want a taste of it.

This small Dragon-type has energy stores under the skin of its back to help it grow. It sports numerous thorn-like spikes to keep predators from stealing this precious energy.
When born, these Pokémon have soft spines and live in big groups for protection. Once their thorns harden, however, they have to separate, which saddens them immensely.

The Fossilized Drake has had quite a few different interpretations, with most people going for a thyreophorean dinosaur (e.g. a stegosaur or ankylosaur) based on its back plates and powerful tail, but some other fakemon creators, including Andrewsarchus89, instead went with prehistoric terrestrial crocodile relatives as inspiration - Andrew's Dracorax is specifically based on the famously shoulder-spiked Desmatosuchus, for instance. The last time I restored this fossil for a defunct Gen 8 mod, in which I styled it as a regional variant and evolution for Larvitar and Pupitar, I went with the stegosaur idea out of entertaining the fan-theory a friend of mine came up with that Tyranitar is a plant-eater. I decided not to deviate from that concept too much this time around, but since the Fossilized Drake is plantigrade like a stem-croc rather than digitigrade like a proper dinosaur, I figured it'd make the most sense in hindsight to just combine all the best bits of the two clades into one big, spiky, scaly juggernaut - the overall feel for this one was the more nondescript and kaiju-like aesthetic of many of the Gen I designs. Its typing and design are a pun on the nodosaur genus Acanthopolis ("thorn scale") as well as a nod to the occasional mistake of confusing dinosaur bones with fossilized wood, but its being mostly bipedal is also based on that one time when Stegosaurus was restored as a Godzilla-like tripod, along with primitive armored dinos like Scelidosaurus being bipeds as well as the flavor for Dracovish describing its surprisingly fast running speed for such a huge, heavy beast.

This sub and the one below it were my greatest deviations from Andrewsarchus98's Galar fossil restorations. My own Fossilized Drake line is themed around the melancholic personality, which is associated with black bile and the element of earth - this line isn't Ground- or Rock-typed, but it does retain knowledge of a number of Ground- and Rock-type moves as well as the Draco- fossils' Hidden Ability, Sand Rush.

Name: Arctoclidus (Arctic + Cryptocleidus)
Fossil: Fossilized Dino
Typing: Ice/Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Ice Body, Slush Rush (Hidden)
Stats: 80 HP/90 Atk/60 Def/110 SpA/60 SpD/105 Spe = 505

New Moves: (Altered from Arctovish's movepool) Ember, Fire Fang, Aurora Beam, Flamethrower, Fire Lash, Deep Freeze*, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Snowscape, Dragon Dance, Will-O-Wisp, Heat Wave, Nasty Plot, Fire Blast, Overheat, Flare Blitz, Scald, Heat Crash, Flip Turn
Name: Deep Freeze


Base Points: 90
Power Points: 16
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Base power boosted by 50% if the user goes first (Bolt Beak/Fishious Rend rework clone)
Removed Moves: Water Gun, Bite, Freeze-Dry, Super Fang, Crunch, Fishious Rend

Role: Arctoclidus is an oxymoronic special sweeper that isn't a slouch in the physical attack department either, but is not especially durable on either defensive front. On top of such powerful STAB as Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Fire Blast, Fire Lash, and Flare Blitz, it learns a number of boosting moves such as Dragon Dance and especially Nasty Plot, which pairs well with Deep Freeze to wreak absolute havoc on anything that doesn't resist Ice. It also boasts a number of coverage moves such as Psychic Fangs, Stone Edge, and especially the Water-type moves that both of the canon Arcto- fossilmons can make use of, the latter of which is important because of its typing giving it a crippling double-weakness to Rock. In other words, its best coverage move is arguably Surf. (Ironically for a sea creature, actual Water-types will be able to stop it in its tracks, since it learns nothing super-effective against them.) Its decently high Speed will hopefully enable it to evade incoming fire just long enough to make use of the boosting moves it can use, but it absolutely hates Stealth Rock and will probably require hazard removal support to be at its most effective. Its only healing move is unfortunately Rest but with two very good offensive types to make use of, there's something to be said for a funny Rest/Sleep Talk set with Fire Blast and Blizzard to ruin someone's day without even having to wake up, but sacrificing Surf in the process can leave it completely vulnerable to faster Rock-type attackers, which combined with its awful defenses can just as easily ruin its day, especially if it ends up getting nailed by a well-placed Stone Edge.

The back half of this marine reptile is unchanged from that of Arctovish. Being blue with a snowy coating, it already works perfectly as the cold end of this creature... whose front end is decidedly as far from an Ice-type as you can get, to the point where fossils of it were thought to have come from two different species entirely! The front flippers that stick out of the snow covering the front of the torso transition from a dark brown, almost black, to luminous red-orange, the transition being orange crack-like markings like veins of lava; these flippers are paw-like with a slight forward kink halfway down suggesting "elbows" and three webbed toes tipped with rough patches of black-brown suggesting lava-rock claws. The thick base of the neck is also a very dark brown, but starting from the first third of it, the lava-crack transition begins, and the cracks widen until the last third is completely glowing red and orange like a lava flow with just a few brown-black scales like lava rocks on it. The head resembles that of its close cousin, Lapras, except longer, narrower, and lacking any ears. Its jaws sport long, interlocking, protruding white fangs like exaggerated crocodile teeth, its furious-looking eyes are white, and there's a single small shark-like fin on the back of the head, brown-black in color, with a row of three more such fins running down the back of the neck, which is held at a much lower incline than that of Lapras (and also longer relatively than its cousin's), with only a loose S-curve to it. Where the neck and front flippers join with the snow on the body, there are also clouds of white steam that billow upward when it raises its front half above the surface of the water; there are also two jets of steam like Torkoal's smoke coming out of the tubular, spout-like nostrils (akin to some moray eels) set atop its snout, exactly like the spouts of a fantastical sea monster on a medieval map.

Adapted a cold polar sea, its head and long neck burn red-hot when angered, so it can create breathing holes in the thick sea ice. It uses this same ability to melt the ice right below its unsuspecting prey.
It is believed that the ancestors of this fierce Pokémon were once Water-typed until they started living in the frigid waters of the south. As their heads heat up, their bodies likewise become cooler.

Name: Arctonoth (Arctic + Nothosaurus)
Typing: Ice/Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Ice Body, Slush Rush (Hidden)
Stats: 60 HP/70 Atk/50 Def/90 SpA/50 SpD/85 Spe = 405

Moveset: Same as Arctoclidus, minus Flamethrower, Incinerate, and Deep Freeze.

A rather small and slender, lizard-like creature, this little skrunkly has legs that are midway between flippers and feet, plus a relatively long tail and a shorter neck. The front half of its torso is covered by the same snow as Arctovish's body, its head, neck, and forelimbs being the same blue as it as well, with a lighter blue underbelly. There is also a cap of ice like a cold pack on the top of its relatively big, toothsome head, which has simple, cute black dots for eyes like Cleffa that contrast all the long fangs protruding from its jaws; notably, the eyes are angry-looking, and there are red-orange spots right below and between them like a fever blush, with one of its nostrils having dripping light blue slime like Arctozolt also does. The back half of the body, meanwhile, is a luminous orange-red with a steam cloud dividing it from the snow on the front, and the first third of the tail is also orange before a transition of "lava cracks" leads to the brownish black final third of the tail; the rear flippers have the same pattern and black ends as well.

Stranded in a cold southern ocean, its kind adapted by gaining control over extreme temperatures. It isn't used to its powers yet, so it suffers from a fever-like sickness until it masters them.
These amphibious Pokémon are as ill-tempered as they are literally ill, reacting aggressively to any attempt to associate with them. Vicious skirmishes amongst each other are commonplace.

The Arcto- half of Arctozolt and Arctovish might have been at least partly inspired by the recent times when plesiosaurs were found near Antarctica, confirming that these iconic marine reptiles were far from the cold-blooded, swan-lizard-like leviathans people used to think they were. The last time I tried reviving the erroneously named Fossilized Dino for a defunct mod, I made it a regional variant and evolution of the Gible line based on a pliosaur without really leaning into the Ice typing so much, so for this new attempt I decided to scrap that idea altogether and start anew. To allow this line to keep the Water-type stuff the Arcto- fossils can learn, I decided to give it the Fire type (ice + heat = water, after all!), justifying how it was able to adapt to polar conditions. From there, designing the pre-evo was easy - that one is based on Nothosaurus, a Triassic sea reptile related to the ancestors of the plesiosaur group, with its long tail and short neck rather than the reverse in the evo being a reference to not only Nothosaurus itself, but also the infamous mistake made by one Edward Drinker Cope of putting Elasmosaurus' head on the end of its tail instead of its neck.

In keeping with this line getting the Fire typing, and unlike Andrewsarchus98's Arctoness (which was themed around the melancholic personality), this was the sub that I themed around the choleric temperament rather than the Fossilized Drake, since the choleric attitude is associated with yellow bile and the element of fire.

When thinking about these four submissions, I expected them to be voted for all at once i.e. the votes for this slate being for all four fossil lines at once rather than separately, though I could be wrong. That said, I still felt it made the most sense to decide the abilities for each line based on the abilities that the canon Galarian fossils have.

Here is a list of these abilities for each of them:
  • Dracozolt: Volt Absorb, Hustle, Sand Rush (Hidden)
  • Arctozolt: Volt Absorb, Static, Slush Rush (Hidden)
  • Dracovish: Water Absorb, Strong Jaw, Sand Rush (Hidden)
  • Arctovish: Water Absorb, Ice Body, Slush Rush (Hidden)
Looking at these ability sets together and comparing them, I found some general trends that allowed me to reverse-engineer the abilities the constituents contributed. The Hidden Abilities are the most obvious, as they are dependent on the back half (Sand Rush for Draco-, and Slush Rush for Arcto-). Also obvious was that the front halves also contributed to one of the standard abilities (Volt Absorb for -zolt, and Water Absorb for -vish).

The remaining four abilities were tougher. What allowed me to figure out the pattern, though, was that two of them are catered towards the front halves specifically - -zolt gets Static, while -vish gets Strong Jaw. By process of elimination, this meant the other two abilities belonged to the back halves, and since Ice Body was clearly meant for Arcto-, that left Draco- with Hustle.
Thus, the abilities that each portion contributed were as follows:
  • Draco-: ---, Hustle, Sand Rush (Hidden)
  • Arcto-: ---, Ice Body, Slush Rush (Hidden)
  • -zolt: Volt Absorb, Static, --- (Hidden)
  • -vish: Water Absorb, Strong Jaw, --- (Hidden)
Thus, there were four slots left for other abilities. I decided to continue being thematic to some extent, and gave the back half ones abilities that enable them to boost a specific kind of move (tail-based moves for Draco- and Fire-type attacks, conditionally, for Arcto-), while the front halves got abilities that allow them to negate a specific kind of damage (wind moves for -zolt, and critical hits for -vish).
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(Yi, chinese for wing / Yi qi, famous species of avian dinosaur + -zolt suffix from Dracozolt/Arctozolt)
Fossil: Fossilized Bird

Abilities: Volt Absorb, Gluttony, First Flight
*First Flight is taken from Archeops-Ancient, but just a reminder for everyone: User is considered airborne until hit by an attack; reset upon switching out.​
Stats: 75 | 95 | 60 | 95 | 97 | 113 [BST= 535]
Notable Moves:
Bolt Beak*, Nuzzle, Play Rough, Sucker Punch, U-turn
Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch
Heal Bell, Substitute
*Bolt Beak's boost when moving first is nerfed to 1.5x​
Ancient Power, Baby-Doll Eyes, Body Slam, Bolt Beak, Charge, Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Discharge, Double Kick, Drill Peck, Electro Ball, Endure, Facade, Flamethrower, Giga Impact, Grass Knot, Heal Bell, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Mega Kick, Moonblast, Nuzzle, Play Nice, Play Rough, Pluck, Protect, Rest, Rising Voltage, Round, Slam, Sleep Talk, Snore, Sucker Punch, Substitute, Taunt, Thunderbolt, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Tickle, U-turn, Volt Switch, Wild Charge
Competitive Role: Leverages the Ground immunity granted by First Flight to be an effective fast pivot and unqiue Electric in the tier. Its natural high speed lets it always get the boost on Bolt Beak for consistent high damage; due to this and SD, Yizolt is most likely to go physical, but keep in mind its base SpA is the same as its Attack, has better special coverage and Moonblast, and STAB Volt Switch. Also has Nuzzle and Heal Bell for support options.
Flavor: Basically just a full body version of Dracozolt/Arctozolt's upper body. Takes more inspiration from Oviraptor than Velociraptor and related dinosaurs. Fairy typing derived mainly from Dracozolt being a silly little cheerful guy.
"Yizolt used its playful demeanor and unassuming appearance to gain the favor of larger predators, before eventually running off with their eggs. In a pinch, it could use glands on its arm feathers and beak to fire static electricity. An incomplete fossil of its head and upper body were used in unethical trials of the fossil restoration technique.
(Arcto- prefix from Arctozolt/Arctrovish + Acrophoca, extinct seal species + flipper)
Fossil: Fossilized Dino

Abilities: Slush Rush, Storm Drain, Mold Breaker
Stats: 90 | 82 | 79 | 102 | 89 | 93 [BST= 535]
Notable Moves:
Flip Turn
Blizzard, Earth Power, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Pinni-Pulse*, Surf
Substitute (maybe? idk)
85 BP, 10/16 PP, 100 Acc | Power is boosted by 1.5x if the user goes last.​
Ancient Power, Aurora Beam, Avalanche, Bite, Body Slam, Brine, Bulldoze, Crunch, Earth Power, Echoed Voice, Endure, Facade, Flip Turn, Giga Impact, Growl, High Horsepower, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Meteor Beam, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Muddy Water, Pinni-Pulse, Powder Snow, Protect, Rain Dance, Reflect, Rest, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Round, Sleep Talk, Snore, Snowscape, Stomping Tantrum, Substitute, Surf, Tail Whip, Torment, Waterfall, Water Pulse
Competitive Role: Ok time to add a real Ice-type to the mod - no offense Shivertherium. Arctophlipa's lackluster base SpA is offset by having the ice/ground STAB combo, which should make it a solid specs attacker, supported by access to pivoting via Flip Turn; its base speed is actually pretty solid in the current meta, so scarf sets won't be as appealing until more fast mons are added. Slush Rush and Mold Breaker will only really matter if we get a snow setter or Levitate users respectively (though you could run Mold Breaker if you feel especially hateful towards Archeops-Ancient).
Flavor: Seal guy based on Acrophoca (not really though I deadass just googled 'prehistoric seal' and clicked the first result), specifically designed after leopard seals or monk seals, its lower body being that of Arctozolt/Arctovish. I didn't find out until after making this entire sub that the body is supposed to be a plesiosaur and not a seal, but uhh I don't care (I secretly care a lot I'm SO sorry)
"A prehistoric predator of the polar seas, Arctophlipa used its powerful flippers and vocal cords to send shockwaves to prey. It's uncertain whether this Pokemon was an ancestor to the Walrein line or an extinct related species. An incomplete fossil of its lower body was used in unethical trials of the fossil restoration technique.
(Draco- prefix from Dracozolt/Dracovish + thagomizer, term for the spikes on the tail of stegosaurids)
Fossil: Fossilized Dino

Abilities: Sand Rush, Rough Skin, Solar Power
Stats: 100 | 101 | 112 | 90 | 80 | 52 [BST= 535]
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Outrage, Scale Shot, Stone Edge, Tail Sear*
Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Flamethrower
Dragon Dance, Slack Off, Spikes, Will-o-wisp
*Tail Sear
85 BP, 10/16 PP, 100 Acc | Power is boosted by 1.5x if the user goes last.​
Body Slam, Breaking Swipe, Brutal Swing, Bulldoze, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Earth Power, Earthquake, Endure, Ember, Facade, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Giga Impact, High Horsepower, Hyper Beam, Incinerate, Iron Tail, Mega Kick, Meteor Beam, Outrage, Protect, Rest, Roar, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Round, Sand Attack, Sandstorm, Scale Shot, Slack Off, Slam, Sleep Talk, Snore, Spikes, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Sunny Day, Tail Sear, Will-O-Wisp
Competitive Role: Tbh this was the one I had the least ideas what to do with. PDef tank, can WoW and/or set Spikes, sig move gives it a consistently powerful STAB option. Dracomizer can alternatively run a DDance set, though its sweeping potential is limited by Flare Blitz and Outrage being risky STABs. Could also mixup with a special set on potential sun teams thanks to Solar Power.
Flavor: Stegosaurus-looking mon; sounds pretty generic but we really don't have a mon like that yet, closest being Bastiodon. Fire typing is based on the plates on the Stegosaurus' back possibly being used for thermoregulation - here however, it lets it shoot fire >:)
"Using the spikes on its body, Dracomizer could harness thermal energy from the sun to release fire from its mouth or tail spikes, either to defend against predators or fell trees for food. An incomplete fossil of its back feet and tail was used in unethical trials of the fossil restoration technique."
(dire / Arthrodira, extinct genus Dunkleosteus belongs to + -vish suffix from Dracovish/Arctovish)
Fossil: Fossilized Fish

Abilities: Strong Jaw, Inner Focus, Full Metal Body
Stats: 93 | 100 | 80 | 90 | 110 | 62 [BST= 535]
Notable Moves:
Bullet Punch, Crunch, Fishious Rend*, Iron Head, Thunder Fang
Bulk Up
*Fishious Rend's boost when moving first is nerfed to 1.5x​
Ancient Power, Body Slam, Brine, Bulk Up, Bullet Punch, Crunch, Dive, Endure, Facade, Fishious Rend, Flash Cannon, Giga Impact, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Ice Fang, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Liquidation, Magic Coat, Metal Burst, Protect, Psychic Fangs, Rain Dance, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Round, Sleep Talk, Smart Strike, Snore, Substitute, Super Fang, Surf, Thunder Fang, Waterfall, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Wave Crash, Whirlpool, Zen Headbutt
Competitive Role: Bulky water wallbreaker. Yes, the boost for going first is weaker and Direvish is even slower than Dracovish, but Strong Jaw Fishous Rend is still a good-ass option, it's basically a slightly stronger, no-drawbacks Wave Crash that makes it harder to counter than "send in the fat mon that resists its STABs". Additionally, Direvish has STAB priority via Bullet Punch and gets Bulk Up for a setup option. Also Beaf complained on the Discord about people refusing to make specially defensive steels so here is one, lol lmao.
Flavor: It's a, uh, Dunkleosteus.
"Although its skeleton is durable and densely reinforced with metals, Direvish had a smooth and leathery body, possibly to appear more unassuming to prey before attacking with its razor-sharp teeth. An incomplete fossil of its jaw was used in unethical trials of the fossil restoration technique."
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Name: Cadavish (Cadaver+ -Vish) Fossil: Fossilized fish
Typing: Ground/Water
Abilities: Mummy/Skill Link/Ha: Swift Swim
Stats: 90/110/100/70/90/75 BST: 535
New Moves:(Arctovish movepool) + Fishous Rend, Bone Rush, Toxic, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Sand Tomb, Earthquake, Superpower, Ice Beam, Scald, Curse,
Removed Moves: All Ice moves unless stated otherwise
Fishous rend
-Same power doubling effect but when the pokemon is at 50% or less hp (like reverse Brine).
Role: Wallbreaker, Hazard Setter(Stealth rock)
Flavor: Its partially decomposed body is linked to together by the bones of two different fish fossils. It attacks with the bones that fall off its body
Name: Arctobyss

Abilities: Cursed Body / Slush Rush | Permafrost
Water-type moves targeting this Pokemon become Ice-type. Being hit with an Ice-type move raises this Pokemon's Special Defense by 1 stage.
Stats: 125/65/85/100/90/75 (540)
Movepool: Ancient Power, Avalanche, Bite, Bitter Malice, Blizzard, Body Slam, Calm Mind, Crunch, Chilling Water, Defog, Endure, Facade, Flip Turn, Freeze-Dry, Giga Impact, Haze, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Ice Spinner, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Icy Wind, Meteor Beam, Powder Snow, Protect, Psychic, Psyshock, Rain Dance, Recover, Rest, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Round, Shadow Ball, Sleep Talk, Snowscape, Snore, Stone Edge, Substitute, Surf, Weather Ball
Role: Specially tanky Ice attacker. Can run some kind of Calm Mind set.
Flavor: Ice plesiosaur. No relation to Lapras, I swear.
We were just hibernating don't worry guys

Anyway, here's vetoes!

Name: Raptorzolt (WIP)
Fossil: bird fossil (?)
Typing: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Volt Absorb/Hustle/Prowl
Effect: Avoids Hazard Damage on Entry
Stats: 90/65/105/89/60/116(525)
This thing is too optimized for the current meta. Remove the custom ability and Aeroblast and it should be fine.

Name: Velozoltore (Velociraptor + -zolt + tore)
Fossil: Fossilised Bird
Typing: Electric/Fighting
Abilities: Tough Claws / Gale Wings | Volt Absorb
Stats: 90 / 100 / 90 / 75 / 65 / 95 (515)
This is too strong and has too much coverage to also have tough claws. Removing it should help balance the mon.

Name: Sunkleovish (Dunkleosteus + Sunk + -vish)
Fossil: Fossilised Fish
Typing: Water/Steel
Abilities: Rock Head / Filter | Strong Jaw
Stats: 85 / 90 / 100 / 70 / 65 / 105
Strong Jaw Fishious Rend with 105 Speed is a no. Remove Strong Jaw and preferably lower Speed by about 10 points.

Name: Arctoclidus (Arctic + Cryptocleidus)
Fossil: Fossilized Dino
Typing: Ice/Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Ice Body, Slush Rush (Hidden)
Stats: 80 HP/90 Atk/60 Def/110 SpA/60 SpD/105 Spe = 505
This mon is a little suspect with Freeze-Dry. Remove that and it's fine.
Fossil: Fossilized Bird

Abilities: Volt Absorb, Gluttony, First Flight
*First Flight is taken from Archeops-Ancient, but just a reminder for everyone: User is considered airborne until hit by an attack; reset upon switching out.Stats: 75 | 95 | 60 | 95 | 97 | 113 [BST= 535]
Our tier's Electric resists can't handle this super well right now. On its own it's probably manageable, but with SD I don't see how defensive teams will answer it. Please remove SD.

Since it's been a while, we're going to give 48 hours for you to fix these (or however long it takes for them all to get fixed), and then voting will begin.
All the vetoes were fixed so voting can now begin! The voting rules are as follows:
  • Each Pokémon will be voted for separately.
  • There is no limit on the amount of submissions you can vote for. First Place will count for 3 points, Second Place for 2, and all others will count for 1 point. If you only vote for two submissions in a category, First Place will count for 2 points and Second Place will count for 1 point. If you only vote for one submission in a category, that vote will only count for 1 point.
  • Self-Votes may not be First Place and have a limit of 6 points total.
Mon A: First Place, Second Place, Third Place
Mon B: First Place, Second Place
Mon C: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place, Fifth Place

You’ll have 48 hours to vote, so get those votes in!
:Fossilized Bird:: Beebos, Ayecrusher King, Beaf Cultist
:Fossilized Drake:: Beebos, chemicalmines, orangesodapop
:Fossilized Fish:: chemicalmines, Ayecrusher King, Falchion
:Fossilized Dino:: DenebStargrazer, Ayecrusher King, Falchion

It's been a long time since we've done this, apologies!
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:Fossilized Bird:: Ayecrusher King, orangesodapop, Falchion (SV)
:Fossilized Drake:: Beebos, Ayecrusher King, Falchion (SV)
:Fossilized Fish:: Beebos, Falchion (SV), Ayecrusher King
:Fossilized Dino:: DenebStargazer, Falchion (SV), Ayecrusher King

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